The Eucharist

On this page you will find links to Fr. Reutter's homilies and bulletin articles about the Eucharist from July and August 2018.

Below them, you will find links to some of's best Eucharistic studies and talks.

Be sure to use these resources frequently to grow deeper in your love of Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament!

In His Own Words

Use the link to the right to read Jesus' own sermon on the Eucharist, called the Bread of Life discourse in John, chapter 6.  Be sure to prayerfully read what Jesus has to say about the Eucharist in this powerful chapter before diving into the other resources on this webpage.


Fr. Reutter's Homilies and Articles on the Eucharist

Every three years, five Sunday Gospel readings in mid to late summer focus on Jesus' great Bread of Life discourse in John chapter 6, dividing up the chapter to be read over the five Sundays.  This is Jesus' most detailed teaching on the Eucharist, and is therefore a very valuable sermon for us to reflect on, not only in understanding what the Mass is on a doctrinal level, but also understanding the role and centrality of the Eucharist in our daily lives.

Fr. Reutter is sharing the homilies he delivered on these five Sundays in 2018, as well as his bulletin articles from these Sundays, for you to utilize in your spiritual life.  They are linked in the boxes to the left.  You can use them to deepen your understanding of what the Eucharist is, or to help you more centrally place the Eucharist in your daily life.  You could also meditate on these homilies and articles, by reading them and then reflecting for about 10 minutes on the part of the homily or article that sticks out to you.

Be sure to make plenty of use of these resources!

Eucharistic Content on

Use the links below to listen to or watch some of the great materials on about the Eucharist.  If you don't have a account, use our parish code of f71751 when it prompts you to make a free account.