Next year the Archdiocese of Cincinnati will celebrate the two centuries of faith since its establishment as a diocese in June of 1821. In anticipation of the bicentennial celebration, Archbishop Dennis M. Schnurr has written the following pastoral letter to encourage each of us to “Radiate Christ” by rediscovering “the joy of knowing Christ deeply and following Him, thereby becoming a witness to the world.” Please prayerfully read the letter and engage with its contents. It is Archbishop Schnurr’s hope that all Catholics of the archdiocese will reflect upon and discuss how we can individually and collectively Radiate Christ as we prepare to joyfully celebrate our bicentennial.


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Pray A Minute

Parishioners, Students, and Friends

You are invited to: Pray A Minute: One Million Hours of Prayer for Peace Justice and Goodwill. The world feels heavy these days. News headlines are filled with injustices and unrest. It seems as though everywhere we turn we find division and disharmony in our country. The world desperately needs Christians united in prayer.

A million hours of prayer may sound impossible, but if you divide that prayer time among all of the Catholics in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, it is just one minute of prayer a day. Just one minute.

From now until January 1, the World Day of Prayer for Peace, you are invited to pray one minute more than you already do, every day, specifically for the intention of peace, justice and goodwill in our country.


Breakfast With Santa

Due to Covid-19, we have canceled the Breakfast With Santa this year. Thank you for your understanding. 

Stay safe and have a Merry Christmas!



Giving Tree - Changed

We will not be having a Giving Tree at St. Mary’s this year for several reasons, but we will have “Cash Tags” and “Gift Card Tags” available on the table in the Gathering Space for those who can help us help others. We are sending our “families” who have requested Christmas help this year to the American Legion. Hence the reason for the tags. We will donate to the American Legion to help them with their list of families as well as the ones we would have been helping.

The Covid-19 Virus has forced us to cancel and do things a whole lot different than we normally would. We hope that you can help us out by doing our ‘Giving Tree Tags’ this way for this year. Together with the American Legion, we can help those less fortunate this Christmas. Our Food Pantry will still help families with a very nice Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner.


Thank you for your understanding and help with this event.


Parish Donations Eligible for "Assessment Waiver"

As most of you know, 9.5% of the collections of all churches must go to the Archdiocese. "Giving Tuesday" December 1st (12:00 a.m. to 11:59 p.m.) is the one day when you can make your donation and there is the Archdiocesan “assessment waiver” for any money that you give to your parish.

On that day only, simply go to When you look up the parishes, you will find the St. Mary and St. Peter Churches listed together. When you click to go there to donate, the appropriate parish is notified of your donation which will be applied to your end of year statement. (Debbie does that at the beginning of next year for those who request statements.)


Thank you in advance. Take advantage of this great opportunity!


The Ladies Christmas Parties Are Canceled as a result of Covid-19.