Youth Ministry Make-Up Work

By using the links below, you can access the make-up work for youth ministry in 2017-2018.  Just find the date of the youth ministry class you missed, click the link, and follow the instructions on that page.  Happy studying!

Jesus is Lord:  September 10 (St. Mary) or September 17 (St. Peter)

Creation and the Fall:  September 24 (St. Mary) or October 1 (St. Peter)

Jesus in the Old Testament:  October 8 (St. Mary) or October 15 (St. Peter)

Following the Call of Christ:  October 22 (St. Mary) or October 29 (St. Peter)

The Paschal Mystery and the Mass:  November 5 (St. Mary) or November 12 (St. Peter)

The Church:  November 19 (St. Mary) or December 3 (St. Peter)

Images of the Church:  December 10 (St. Mary) or December 17 (St. Peter)

The Marks of the Church:  January 14 (St. Peter) or January 28 (St. Mary)

Your Role in the Church:  February 4 (Combined)

History of the Church - The Apostles and Fathers of the Church:  February 25 (Combined)

History of the Church - The Advances and Corruptions of the Late Middle Ages:  March 18 (Combined)

History of the Church - The Reformation and the Post-Reformation Church:  April 15 (Combined)

History of the Church - Vatican II and Beyond:  April 29 (Combined)