Welcome to the Youth Ministry Page!

You can find schedules, details about events, permission slips, and make up work within our youth ministry pages.  Take a moment to read about our youth ministry program below, and check out the upcoming events this year!


What is Youth Ministry?

Youth ministry exists to assist families in the Catholic formation of their children.  All youth ministry events include catechesis (learning about the Faith), activities to build up the community, experiences of prayer, and spiritual formation (learning more about the spiritual life).  We gear our activities to the age, maturity, and needs of the young people we serve.

This mission of youth ministry is accomplished in two major programs:  Sunday Youth Ministry and Special Youth Ministry Events.


Sunday Youth Ministry

Sunday Youth Ministry is the religious education program for youth in grades 7-12.  It focuses on catechesis, prayer, and community.  The curriculum is original to the youth minister, and based on the USCCB’s guidelines for Catholic high school theology programs.  Sunday Youth Ministry alternates between both parishes every Sunday, though occasionally there are breaks due to special youth ministry events or holidays.  Friends and visitors are always welcome!  There is no fee associated with Sunday Youth Ministry.


Special Youth Ministry Events

We have special youth ministry events throughout the year for kids in grades K-12.  These events are broken down into three categories:  Fundraisers, K-6 youth ministry, and 7-12 youth ministry.

Fundraisers are the primary means of funding both Sunday Youth Ministry and our special youth ministry events.  These events provide money for snacks and activities on Sunday and K-6 youth ministry, as well as helping to reduce participant fees for special events and assisting kids who cannot afford to pay the fee for special events.

K-6 Youth Ministry currently takes the form of K-6 Youth Nights and Vacation Bible School.  Youth Nights are two-hour programs that occur four times a year filled with games, prayer, pizza, and a spiritual reflection geared toward elementary grade kids.  They’re a ton of fun, and friends and visitors are invited!  They’re also free!  Vacation Bible School occurs at St. Mary in early summer, from 9-12am for a week.  Kids have a ton of fun in games, activities, crafts, snacks, prayers, and reflections.  Youth in grades 7-12 also have the opportunity to return to VBS as youth leaders for the younger kids.

7-12 Youth Ministry consists of special one-day events, a trip to the national March for Life, as well as mission trips and retreats.  Our one-day events are designed to provide a spiritual reflection, experience of prayer, and building up of the youth ministry community.  Our multi-day March for Life trip, mission trips, and retreats are special moments of deep encounter with the Lord, service to others, discernment, renewal in prayer, and revival or birth of a deepening of one’s spiritual life.  Through these events, God has changed the hearts of many youth and led them to live holy lives in high school and beyond.

Almost all 7-12 special youth ministry events have a fee associated with them.  If you want to participate but find it difficult to come up with money for the fee, please contact PJ Ehling!  There’s no need for anyone to miss out on youth ministry for financial reasons.


Are you looking for a way to get more involved in church and the life of your parish?  Do you want to help guide the Church of tomorrow today?  Contact PJ Ehling to get involved with youth ministry!  Although there are minimal requirements involved, and being able to volunteer is based on how your gifts and talents can serve the needs of our youth, don’t hesitate to contact PJ for more information or to see how you could contribute to the building up of the Catholic Church in your hometown!