2018 Voting Guide

Voting is an important duty of the Christian citizen.  Fighting the evil that has engulfed our world from the moment of Adam's sin was central to Christ's mission on earth, and by the power of the Spirit the Church continues this fight today by Christ's grace.  Voting gives us a great opportunity to influence the leadership of our country and culture with the values of the gospel, which lead to fulfillment, peace, and ultimately, eternal life.

But many questions arise when considering how to vote given the various circumstances surrounding the issues and candidates on the ballot.  EWTN has provided a great guide to help voters discern how to vote in the upcoming general election this November.  Follow the link below to navigate through all the different resources EWTN gives to assist Catholics who want to use this great privilege and duty of voting in line with the gospel.

Link to EWTN's 2018 Catholic Voter's Guide