PREP Fun Days

At St. Mary and St. Peter's PREP programs, each grade has four special class days in which some of our youth ministry leaders come to the class for a fun day.  A fun day is a mini-youth ministry session geared toward each particular grade level.  The youth ministry leaders will take the kids out of the second half of class, play a game or two with them, give the kids a spiritual reflection based on the game, and finally lead the kids in prayer.  It really is a fun day!


There's several reasons for fun days.  First, they're simply fun!  But more importantly, they help kids learn more about how to live their faith.  Thirdly, the fun days build up bonds among the kids with the Church community, and the fun days also help youth ministry leaders build rapport with kids in grades K-6, making 7-12th grade youth ministry more effective.


Below you will find the schedule for the fun days in 2017-2018.  If you have any questions regarding fun days, please contact our CRE/Youth Minister, PJ Ehling at


St. Mary Fun Days


Grades 5-6:  September 16th, October 28th, December 16th, March 3rd, May 5th


Grades 2-4:  September 30th, November 11th, January 27th, March 24th


Grades K-1:  October 14th, December 2nd, February 10th, April 7th


St. Peter Fun Days


Grades 5-8:  September 9th, October 21th, December 9th, February 24th, April 28th


Grades 2-4:  September 23rd, November 4th, January 13th, March 10th


Grades K-1:  October 7th, November 18th, February 3rd, March 31st