Make-Up Work

Welcome to our homepage for make-up work in our PREP, Sunday Youth Ministry, and Confirmation programs!  Our make-up work policy is an attempt to reconcile the busy schedules of families with the necessity of religious education, conscious of the very limited time frame we have to provide religious education on the parish level.

For grades K-6, the individual teachers of our classes determine how they will implement the make-up work policy in their classroom.  If your child has missed a class of PREP at St. Mary or St. Peter, please speak with your child's teacher at PREP to learn how to make up the work missed.

For grades 7-12, and our Confirmation program, all make-up work can be found on this website.  Use the links below to navigate to the lesson missed, and follow the instructions for that lesson to make up the work.

Finally, there is a link below with more information about our make-up work policy, and why we have one.  As always, feedback on our make-up policy is welcome; please contact our CRE, PJ Ehling, at with any questions, comments, or suggestions you have regarding our make-up work policy.