Upcoming Confirmation Events

Please note, all youth receiving Confirmation will need to have a signed permission slip to participate in the Confirmation Retreat and refresher course.  Click here for the permission slip.

Confirmation Retreat

The Confirmation Retreat will be held on September 15-16, 2018, from 6:00pm to 11:00am at St. Peter.  We will focus on priorities in this retreat:  what do I prioritize in my life?  What should change to align my priorities with God’s priorities for my life?  There is no cost for the retreat.

Confirmation Service Hours Deadline

The deadline for turning in documentation for 30 service hours in preparation for Confirmation (10 of which must be in service to the Church) is Tuesday, September 25, 2018.

Confirmation Class Refresher Course

This class will occur during PREP at both parishes; there is no need to attend both, as they will have the same content.  The purpose is to refresh in the minds of the youth being confirmed everything we covered in the Confirmation classes from the spring.  The refresher course will take place at St. Mary on October 30 from 9:00-10:15 (during PREP), and at St. Peter on October 7 from 9:30-10:45 (during PREP).

Confirmation Mass

Confirmation will be celebrated during Mass at the Cathedral at 7:00pm on Tuesday, October 9.  Youth being confirmed are asked to arrive at 6:00pm.  We will be celebrating Mass and Confirmation with the pastoral region of St. James of the Valley (Wyoming), St. Matthias, and Our Lady of the Rosary (Greenhills).

Post-Confirmation Involvement

Youth being confirmed are required to take part in some sort of ministry of the Church after their Confirmation.  After all, we’re confirmed in order to participate more fully in the mission of the Church.  This can be any sort of ministry, such as serving Mass, being in peer ministry, joining choir, or assisting with parish events.

Once the youth’s time in this ministry has run its course, they are not required to participate in a second ministry, but they are highly encouraged to do so.