Men's Bible Study

Join the Saturday Morning Men's Bible Study at St. Peter Church in New Richmond!  We meet on Saturday Mornings from 7 AM to 8:30 AM at the church. All men are welcome and encouraged to attend anytime you like.  Call Rich Adams at 513-752-7563 with questions or to sign up for this study.


We began our Bible study with The Acts of the Apostles, and since then have moved on to other books of the Bible.  We take our time studying each book to dive into the riches the Lord offers in Scripture, and also to spend time praying with each other.  We will be using a study guide and commentary from Little Rock Scripture to guide us through our studies.  Study guides are $15 dollars, which should be the only expense for our Bible study.


If you have tried or thought about studying Scripture in the past but couldn't find a way that worked for you, then consider giving this small group a try.  It's a great way to go deeper into Holy Scripture and learn with and from other men who desire to be more like Jesus and to be the best Catholic-Christian guys we can be.


Words from Greg Feldkamp who attended the Bible Study Breakfast

I have been asked to give a brief talk about how the Bible Study Group has affected me and I am happy to do so.

Looking around the room I see others, like me that are affectionately referred to as “Cradle Catholics”. I was baptized in the old church in the village in the 50’s and attended St. Peter’s Catholic school for 8 years. Some of you here this morning did the same. As I recall my time at the school I can only remember a few times that the Bible was used. We had our Baltimore Catechism, religion books and bible stories, little reference to the actual Bible. Sure we heard the Epistles and Gospels at Sunday Mass and sometimes had discussions about them in school but little real Bible study.

I can remember seeing some of my Protestant buddies I knew from knothole ball or that lived in my neighborhood going into their local church here in the village carrying their Bibles. I walked into my church carrying a prayer book or maybe by the 6th or 7th grade a Daily Missal, remember them? So I really had limited exposure to the word of God in the actual Bible.

When I was approached about joining the Bible Study Group my first thoughts were, “I haven’t been too concerned with studying the Bible for over 60 years, why start now? I have a pretty good knowledge of my Catholic faith so what is the point?” Finally I was told this was going to be just a 10 week study group starting in Jan. So I thought 10 weeks starting in Jan that means it will end in March before the spring weather. What else am I doing in the dead of winter on a Sat morning?

I also looked at some of the guys that had already signed up and knowing them I felt comfortable joining.

Well, those 10 weeks have now turned into 8 months. We have 14 guys as part of our group and have on average 10-12 guys there every week consistently. We recently ordered our next study guide to start after Labor Day.

It is a very casual atmosphere in the PPC room with coffee and donuts. We have all become very close friends and have a comfort level where we can be very open with our thoughts and experiences. We have had some laughs and on occasion a tear or two. There soon will be 3 groups meeting on different days and times in our Pastoral region. Maybe give some thought to attending a meeting to see if it is right for you. If this type group is not where you are comfortable maybe you have a Bible around your house with a little dust on it. Clean it off and check out maybe the Acts of the Apostles for starters.