Spring Day of Reflection

Our Pastoral Region will hold its Spring Day of Reflection on April 7 at St. Mary from 8:30am to 3:30pm.  Our theme this spring is:  The Gospel:  What Does It Mean For Your Life?

Join us with our presenter, PJ Ehling, as we dive into the question of who Jesus claimed to be.  While many today write Jesus off as a good teacher or a moral example, he claimed to be so much more:  he claimed to be the one true God of Israel.

A claim this bold requires everyone to come to a decision about Jesus:  is he God?  If he is, then I must give my entire life to him; if he is not, then I must cast him aside and seek the truth of life and existence elsewhere.  There is no middle ground!

On April 7, we will take a look at this bold claim of Jesus, the evidence for the validity of his claim, and the implications of the divinity of Christ for our lives.  Don't miss it!

Please RSVP by Easter Sunday, April 1, so that we can plan appropriately for lunch.