Child Protection Policy

Our child protection policy complies with that of the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.  The basis of all child protection policies in the Archdiocese are found in the Decree on Child Protection.

Working With Children In Our Youth Programs

In order to work with children in our PREP and youth ministry programs, an adult must contact our CRE first.  No volunteer has any right to participate in any program, or to continue participating in a program.  Volunteers are chosen on the basis of their personal gifts and talents, and suitability to the position for which they want to volunteer.

Volunteers are required to complete the VIRTUS Safe Environment Training program, which includes an online background check through  Fingerprints are now only required of parish employees, as consistently runs background checks on employees and volunteers for a one-time fee during registration for the VIRTUS training.

Once the VIRTUS training is complete, volunteers must read monthly bulletins regarding child abuse as continuing education on this topic.  Volunteers, employees, and clerics who do not read these bulletins in a timely manner are not allowed to work with children.

Working With Children Outside Our Youth Programs

Sometimes, children and teenagers under 18 want to participate or volunteer in parish functions, such as fish fries and fundraisers.  If such a minor is accompanied by their parent or guardian during the event, the parents or guardians are solely responsible for their children.

If such a minor is not accompanied by their parent, at least two VIRTUS trained adults must supervise the minor(s) at all times during the event.  If at least two VIRTUS trained adults are not able to supervise the minor(s) for the duration of the minor's participation, the minor(s) may not participate in the event.