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The retreat day originally scheduled for April 16 had to be canceled because the retreat master was encumbered with a knee injury. Now I am happy to report that Father David Endres is now mobile once again. Having spoken with him just last week via phone we have re-scheduled the retreat day for Saturday, October 29. The time frame will be 8:30 am – 3:00 pm. The theme is Prayer and Spirituality.



When you enter the Gathering Space at St.
 Mary, you'll notice the many tables that are set up with prize baskets that will be raffled off at the PIG ROAST. You can purchase your raffle tickets 
now! Tickets are 1 for $1, 6 for $5 and 15 for $10.
We have some great items that everyone will want. Gift cards include: $100 Kroger, $50 Wichard’s, $25 Walgreens, $25 Red Lobster, and dinner for two at Golden Corral. There are lots of coupons for free menu items at various restaurants and over 20 wonderful assorted baskets. There is a mascot stuffed "Miss Piggy" loaded with free coupons and gift cards!

While you are purchasing your RAFFLE TICKETS after Mass, please take the opportunity to buy your Advanced PIG Roast Dinner Tickets! Questions? Please contact Diane Hancock at 734-6827.

Christmas Mass Schedule 

St. Mary’s, Bethel Christmas Eve – 4:00 pm 

Christmas Day - 9:30 am


St. Peter’s New Richmond Christmas Eve – 4:30 pm 

Christmas Day – 9:30 am



Join us on Saturday, August 5th from 4 to 8 PM for the St. Mary’s Pig Roast!

There will be so much fresh food and fun. You won’t want to miss it! Advance meal tickets are $7 available on Tuesday or Friday at St. Mary's Office 7:00 AM - 5:00 or available at St. Peter on Wednesday or Thursday 7:00 AM - 5:00 PM The advance tickets are also available at Community Savings Bank in Bethel. Adult tickets are $9 when purchased at the event. Children 5 - 10 are $4 and under 4 are FREE!

What do you get for your hard earned moolah? A lot! Your meal includes your choice of pulled pork or chicken. (Bluegrass brats, metts and hot dogs are available as an alternative.)  Five sides include mac and cheese, baked beans, cole slaw, green beans and awesome sweet corn. Lemonade, iced tea or ice water and your choice of dessert is included. Soda is available for a nominal charge.

We are thinking of your comfort and are ready for rain or shine. If you prefer the air conditioning, the
Fr. Le
wis Parish Center will be open. If you enjoy eating outside, we will provide the huge tent with lots of tables and chairs.

The Pig Roast features beer from the Old Firehouse Brewery. Other brands are also available. All brands are at a nominal, extra charge.


This year will be our largest raffle ever! Purchase 1 ticket for $1, 6 tickets for $5 and 15 tickets for $10. Place the ticket in the bucket next to the item(s) you are interested in. One ticket will be drawn from that bucket for a winner of that item. The more chances you purchase and put in a single bucket, the increased odds of winning!

Here is other awesome news! Freddy's Frozen Custard will be available! You won't want to miss that!

Come and have some fun. Let's go “HOG WILD” and meet up with friends and family both new and old.

You can make this our best event ever by spreading the word. Proceeds from this event goes toward the St. Mary building fund. Please feel free to contact a committee member with any suggestions or questions. They include Diane Hancock 734-6827; Ginny Cady 969-8914, John & Shirlene Wallace 205-4762; Madonna Cahall 734-4630.


We hope all of you are enjoying our new IT Verdin Digital Carillon Bell System. As you have likely experienced, we are able to choose different ringing patterns and peals that include some great realistic bell sounds! We have also selected music to play that is appropriate for whatever liturgical season we are in. It has certainly made a real difference here at St. Mary and is no comparison to the single bell that has rusted in place up in the front of the church.

As you might recall, for most of last summer, the soil was too wet to mount the last two additional speakers. (By the way, those 2 speakers were generously donated by a very kind parishioner). The large lift to climb up on the chimney required dry soil so it would be secure when extended to extreme heights. Thanks to parishioner Konrad Sandker, the speakers are now mounted (no charge for use of his lift and manpower) and Kim Trout (the audio engineer) has wired them into the bell system, each speaker with an independent volume control.

Another generous parishioners wanted to make sure we had a beautiful plaque that recognizes those who made gifts or memorials to make the Digital Bell Carillon possible. We worked with Lee Ann Helton at the Trophy Cup here in Bethel who did the layout on the plaque and donated all of the engraving. You can see that plaque in the St. Mary's Gathering Space. It is beautiful!

The system even has a wireless remote control where we can choose which song or bell peal plays on each button! It is easy to change each button at the main bell control. This is extremely useful when a funeral toll is needed or when bells for a Mass that isn't at the regularly scheduled time should occur.


Things never seem to go as you expect but this project has certainly been worth the wait. It has been completed thanks to the nearly 60 donors in our parish who saw the vision and importance to St. Mary having a bell system. It is important to note that no money from the weekend collections were used to complete this installation. It has been a great addition for St. Mary's 75th Anniversary!