Listen to the bells! On Wednesday, January 4, 2017, our bells were activated for the first time and oh what a joyous sound! They have been set to ring at 5 minutes prior to Mass, the Angelus at noon and 6:00 PM every day for prayer and a piece of music at 12:05 PM and 6:05 PM. 

We had hoped to have the bell system installed before Christmas but stumbling blocks kept getting in the way. We experienced wind storms, consecutive days of heavy rainfall, freezing temperatures and installer scheduling issues. One potential problem we averted was the lift rental cost to install the conduit, wiring and speakers. The lift rental would have cost us $2,000. Thank you parishioner Konrad Sandker who let us use his at no cost to the parish! Also, thank you to the Men Of St. Joseph for providing $1,000 to put toward the installation. 

Both Sean (installer from IT Verdin) and Kim Trout (audio engineer who installed the church sound system and now the bell speakers) were quite pleased with how authentic the digital bells sound. Sean said it is the best he has heard (likely due to not using the PA horns they normally install). When Kim first recommended our speakers, he said they are made specifically for outdoor applications (like a Disney theme park) and are high quality that can produce lush bass, midrange and higher pitches. 

Where do things stand? The carillon, cabinet, two speakers, wiring/controls and the souvenir "replica bells" have been paid for through donor contributions. By swapping out the speakers to the high quality compact ones, we only had the money to purchase 2 speakers instead of the 4 that are required (you will notice when standing in the east parking lot that you can barely hear the bells). It will require about $2,000 to purchase and install the additonal 2 speakers. The wiring has been installed. We will also need money to purchase a plaque to be located in the Gathering Space that shows the benefactors. It will be the type where we can add names when additional contributions come in. 

Would you like to contribute to the “Bells Of St. Mary”? For $125, you help us pay for the cost of the system and will receive a souvenir “replica bell” and name on the plaque. Those who are not interested in the replica bell and plaque can donate any amount by placing a check in the collection basket marked “Bells Of St. Mary”. 

If you choose to participate in this fund-raising effort at the $125 level and your choice is to make the Bells of St. Mary’s in honor of a loved one or as a gift of your family, then please indicate your wish by providing this information:

For example…

________We wish to make a Gift to the “Bells of St. Mary’s".

Please indicate how your gift would read: _______________________________

________We wish to have our gift in memory of a loved one.

Please indicate the name of the loved one:______________________________

Checks can be made out to St. Mary (with ‘Carillon Bells’ on the Memo line). Your donation can be:

1. Put in the Collection Basket

2. Dropped off at the Parish Office on Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday 7am-5pm or 3. Mailed to the Parish Office (address is on the front of the bulletin)

Your Name:_____________________________________________________

A number to reach you if there is a question:___________________________

Thank you!