We hope all of you are enjoying our new IT Verdin Digital Carillon Bell System. As you have likely experienced, we are able to choose different ringing patterns and peals with some great sounds! You likely noticed that our bells sounded very joyous during the Easter season. We have also selected music to play that is appropriate for whatever liturgical season we are in. It has certainly made a real difference here at St. Mary and is no comparison to the single bell that has rusted in place!


While the system is working, it is not complete. Months ago, a parishioner donated the additional two speakers that were needed. Unfortunately, the soil has been too wet to mount them. The large lift requires dry soil so it is secure when extended to extreme heights. Once the land dries out, we will be able to set up the lift, mount the speakers, then contact Kim Trout (the audio engineer) to wire them into the system. 


We also mentioned having a memorial plaque. A generous donation was made to make that possible and we have been looking at a number of suppliers to come up with one that is attractive and can be mounted in our Gathering Space. 


A big thank you to those who have made this project possible. It has been a great addition for our 75th Anniversary.