St. Peter's Memorial Brick Update

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, approximately 80 people were at St. Peter for the parish picnic where the new Commemorative Brick area by the main church entrance was dedicated by Fr. Mike.


We will continue to sell bricks for the new area at the main entrance of Church. Order forms are available at both entrances. If you have any questions, please contact Greg Feldkamp -Pastoral Assistant. 335-7886 or via email at

You can still memorialize a loved one by taking part in our brick memorial project. The funds raised will go toward Peter's Fund, which is used for repairs around the church. Contact Greg Feldkamp at 513-335-7886 to purchase a brick or to help with the installation. 

The 4" x 8" bricks sell for $80 each. There are 3 lines of characters available with 14 characters per line. 



Join St. Peters (5:00pm - 7:30pm) and St. Mary's (4:30pm - 7:30pm) for their Fish Fridays! Eat in or carry out with a great meal that won't break the bank! Come enjoy some great food! 


We hope all of you are enjoying our new IT Verdin Digital Carillon Bell System. As you have likely experienced, we are able to choose different ringing patterns and peals that include some great realistic bell sounds! We have also selected music to play that is appropriate for whatever liturgical season we are in. It has certainly made a real difference here at St. Mary and is no comparison to the single bell that has rusted in place up in the front of the church.

As you might recall, for most of last summer, the soil was too wet to mount the last two additional speakers. (By the way, those 2 speakers were generously donated by a very kind parishioner). The large lift to climb up on the chimney required dry soil so it would be secure when extended to extreme heights. Thanks to parishioner Konrad Sandker, the speakers are now mounted (no charge for use of his lift and manpower) and Kim Trout (the audio engineer) has wired them into the bell system, each speaker with an independent volume control.

Another generous parishioners wanted to make sure we had a beautiful plaque that recognizes those who made gifts or memorials to make the Digital Bell Carillon possible. We worked with Lee Ann Helton at the Trophy Cup here in Bethel who did the layout on the plaque and donated all of the engraving. You can see that plaque in the St. Mary's Gathering Space. It is beautiful!

The system even has a wireless remote control where we can choose which song or bell peal plays on each button! It is easy to change each button at the main bell control. This is extremely useful when a funeral toll is needed or when bells for a Mass that isn't at the regularly scheduled time should occur.


Things never seem to go as you expect but this project has certainly been worth the wait. It has been completed thanks to the nearly 60 donors in our parish who saw the vision and importance to St. Mary having a bell system. It is important to note that no money from the weekend collections were used to complete this installation. It has been a great addition for St. Mary's 75th Anniversary!




St. Mary's, Bethel

Saturday, March 24th —Passion Palm Sunday - 4:00pm Mass

Sunday, March 25th—Passion Palm Sunday - 10:30am Mass

Wednesday, March 28th—Adoration and Way of the Cross - 6:30pm

Holy Thursday – March 29th - Mass Of The Lord's Supper – 7pm at St. Peter's

Good Friday – March 30th – Ecumenical Service – Noon

March 30th – Marian Stations 7pm

March 30th – The Lord's Passion 7:30pm

Holy Saturday – March 31st – Easter Vigil 8:30pm

Easter Sunday – April 1st – 10:30am Mass

St. Peter's, New Richmond

Saturday, March 24th —Passion Palm Sunday - 5:00pm Mass

Sunday, March 25th—Passion Palm Sunday – 8:30am and 11:00am Mass

Wednesday, March 28th—Adoration and Way of the Cross - 6:30pm

Holy Thursday – March 29th - Mass Of The Lord's Supper – 7pm

Good Friday – March 30th – Marian Stations - 3pm

March 30th – The Lord's Passion - 3:30pm

Holy Saturday – March 31st – Easter Vigil 8:30pm at St. Mary's

Easter Sunday – April 1st – 8:30am and 11:00am Mass


Eucharistic Adoration and Way Of The Cross

This takes place at both parishes through Lent. Come spend some time with the Lord. Eucharistic Adoration begins at 6:30pm. Stations of the Cross begin at 7pm. Stay for as long as you can. Enjoy this time with the Lord.



Saturday April 7th 8:30am to 3:30pm at St. Mary, Bethel, OH

People say a lot of things about Jesus these days. Some say he’s a historical figure, others say he’s a myth or legend. At times he’s written off as a sage or guru, a Middle Eastern man with no impact for my life. But this isn’t who Jesus said he was! He clearly claimed to be God, which demands a response from all people. If he is God, we owe him our lives and worship. If he’s not, then he must be cast aside in our search for truth.

Join St. Mary, St. Peter, and our presenter, PJ Ehling, for a day of reflection as we dive deeper into Jesus’ claim of divinity. Come and see for yourself what Jesus really said, what he really did, and how your response to his claim to divinity can change your life and change the world.

Mark your calendars to attend the upcoming St. Peter's/St. Mary's PLACE: Fr. Lewis Center (St. Mary—Bethel) Continental breakfast and lunch will be provided. Don't miss this spiritual day of faith and fellowship!

To register, please contact Debbie DePuccio at (513) 460-4509, or at your parish office, by Palm Sunday, March 25th.