Christ Renews His Parish

Christ Renews His Parish provides a period of personal, spiritual renewal - a chance to regroup so to speak. CRHP allows adult parishioners to take a break from their busy lives and share their faith with others during a weekend retreat. Imagine a weekend with no chores or other agendas to deal with! The weekend provides a unique opportunity for you and everyone present to witness how God is working in your (their) life.


Christ Renews His Parish (CRHP):

  • Is not a silent retreat

  • Is not a public confession

  • Is not a parish ministry

  • Is not an emotional cult

  • Is not a pre-selected group or clique

What Happens During the Weekend?
Come prepared to have fun and renew your heart. During the weekend you will listen to a number of individuals who have volunteered to give a personal witness to the power of Jesus Christ in their lives. Group discussions, usually made up of 4-5 people, and responses, follow each presentation. Most in-depth discussions take place amongst your own table. You'll be free to share as much or as little as you feel comfortable.

There will be readings of scripture, time for prayer, and time set aside for personal reflection. You and your needs will always be respected. The sharing dialogue is stimulated in a very liturgical, scriptural, and prayerful atmosphere.

Sacraments are an integral part of the weekend. There will be an opportunity to go to confession. Of course, Mass will be a part of the weekend. All experiences shared on the weekend are confidential, unless otherwise expressed by the participants. 

Christ Renews His Parish is for anyone seeking spiritual renewal. You do not have to be a spiritual person to attend the retreat weekend. In fact, many people attend because they are not as spiritual as they would like. Many attend because they feel something is missing from their lives.

CRHP is an excellent opportunity for those who have stopped attending Mass, or who have lost interest in the church, to reconnect with our parish family. All participants will be welcomed and receive unconditional acceptance. 

The ladies weekend and mens weekends are usually held during the winter months. Continue to watch the bulletin for the dates. You can also contact Deacon Ron Stang (St. Peters) at (513) 309-5340 or Deacon Jerry Etienne (St. Mary's) at (513) 734-4041 x22 to know more.