When you enter the Gathering Space at St.
 Mary, you'll notice the many tables that are set up with prize baskets that will be raffled off at the PIG ROAST. You can purchase your raffle tickets 
now! Tickets are 1 for $1, 6 for $5 and 15 for $10.
We have some great items that everyone will want. Gift cards include: $100 Kroger, $50 Wichard’s, $25 Walgreens, $25 Red Lobster, and dinner for two at Golden Corral. There are lots of coupons for free menu items at various restaurants and over 20 wonderful assorted baskets. There is a mascot stuffed "Miss Piggy" loaded with free coupons and gift cards!

While you are purchasing your RAFFLE TICKETS after Mass, please take the opportunity to buy your Advanced PIG Roast Dinner Tickets! Questions? Please contact Diane Hancock at 734-6827.

St. Peter's Memorial Brick Update

On Sunday, June 25, 2017, approximately 80 people were at St. Peter for the parish picnic where the new Commemorative Brick area by the main church entrance was dedicated by Fr. Mike.


We will continue to sell bricks for the new area at the main entrance of Church. Order forms are available at both entrances. If you have any questions, please contact Greg Feldkamp -Pastoral Assistant. 335-7886 or via email at

You can still memorialize a loved one by taking part in our brick memorial project. The funds raised will go toward Peter's Fund, which is used for repairs around the church. Contact Greg Feldkamp at 513-335-7886 to purchase a brick or to help with the installation. 

The 4" x 8" bricks sell for $80 each. There are 3 lines of characters available with 14 characters per line. 



Pictured here is the new St. Peter Parish Parish Pastoral Council which met for the first time Thursday, August 11. The members are all registered members of St. Peter’s Church. In the first row from left to right are: Greg Feldkamp, Larry Colonel, Jim Herweg, and Christina Willis. In the second row we have from left to right: Terry Cox, Tim Vinson, Pat Greeson, and Deacon Ron Stang. The officers are Larry Colonel, president, Terry Cox, vice-president, and Christina Willis, secretary.

Rummage & Bake Sale at ST. MARY’S PARISH - One day only!  Friday, October 14th at 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Come join the fun by finding some great low cost bargains and enjoying some fresh baked goods. This event takes place in the Fr. Lewis Center. We hope to see you then!

On Saturday October 8th, the 5:00 PM congregation cast their ballots. The majority requested the earlier Mass time option for the cold winter months. 

The time for the Saturday Evening Vigil Mass will change from 5:00 PM to 4:00 PM on 11/5/16 (the time change weekend). It will remain this way through the end of March. 


We revert to one Sunday Mass on November 6th. The last 8:30 AM Sunday Mass will be celebrated on 10/30/16.


Join the Saturday Morning Men's Bible Study at St. Peter Church in New Richmond! We meet on Saturday Mornings from 7 AM to 8:30 AM at the church. ALL men of St. Peter and St. Mary are welcome and encouraged to attend. Call or email Terry Cox at 513- 236-7640 ( with questions or to sign up for this study. You are welcome to join this group anytime. 

The first study will be on the book of the Acts of The Apostles and will take approximately 10 weeks to complete. We will be using a study guide and commentary from LiLle Rock Scripture to guide us through this study. Study guides are $15 dollars which should be the only expense for this scripture study program. 

If you have tried or thought about studying scripture in the past but didn't find a way that worked for you, then consider giving this small group a try. This study will be a great way to go deeper into Holy scripture and learn with and from other men who desire to be more like Jesus and to be the best Catholic Christian guys we can be.  


Join us on the First Saturday of each month at 9:00 am for Mass at St. Mary. The next Saturday Morning Mass will be on February 4th. 


Ash Wednesday Masses will take place on Wednesday, March 1st. 

St. Peter - Mass at 8:00 AM and 7:30 PM

St. Mary - Mass at 12:00 PM Noon and 7:30 PM


St. Peter Weekday Mass Time Change

Effective April 27th, the Thursday and Friday morning Masses will be moved to 8:45 AM. The Communion Services on Monday through Wednesday will remain at 8:00 AM.

St. Peter To Have One Mass Only For 3 Weekends

Fr. Flaherty Vacations June 23 – July 10: With Father Flaherty vacationing during this period we are going to need to revise the week-end Mass schedule just a bit at St. Peter’s. Because of the difficulty we have had in trying to secure priests for the three week-ends he is gone, we will need to drop the 5:00 and 11:00 Masses the week-end of June 24/25, July 1/2 and July 9/10. The Saturday and Sunday folks are invited to join your brothers and sisters at St. Mary’s for the Saturday Mass at 5:00 or the 10:30 Mass. There will still be an 8:30 Mass. My apologies for any inconvenience due to this temporary revision but we do have a shortage of priests to go around. 

Thanksgiving Day brings thoughts of lots of food, time with family and friends along with watching parades and football. While these things are all enjoyable, there is one thing that is most important we're sure you won't want to forget.

What better way to begin your Thanksgiving Day than to give thanks to our Almighty God who makes all things possible! 

Please join us for the morning 9 AM Mass at St. Mary and St. Peter. 

All are welcome and encouraged to attend!

Deacon Ron (St. Peter's) and Deacon Jerry (St. Mary's) will bake small loaves of bread that will be blessed at the Mass. You will be able to take these back home for your family to enjoy. 


This year, the Masses for the 4th Sunday of Advent on December 23rd and 24th are at the normal weekend times (5:00 PM Saturday; 8:30 and 11 AM on Sunday at St. Peter's) AND (4:00 PM Saturday, and 10:30 AM on Sunday at St. Mary's).

Join us this Christmas!  You are always welcome!

Of course, Christmas is a Holy Day of Obligation. The following are the Mass times:

St. Mary and St. Peter (Christmas Mass times are the same for both parishes)

Sunday, December 24th Christmas Eve - 4:30 PM

Monday, December 25th Christmas Day - 9:30 AM

Carols will start a half hour before each of the Christmas Masses.

Feast Of The Solemnity Of Mary

Monday, January 1st 10:30 AM (same time for both parishes)




“ I am very happy to have this opportunity to be your Temporary Parochial Administrator until December 31, 2017. At that time, hopefully you will have a new pastor.

I still have all of my responsibilities that I had before this appointment. I am Weekend Associate at the St. Veronica and St. John Fisher Region, which means, I have two Masses there each weekend. I also have scheduled Masses at the New England Club, Brookwood Retirement Community, Twin Lakes Retirement Community, Brown County Ursuline, Gate of Heaven Cemetery along with other commitments to Parishes in the area and of course all of the chores my sister gives me.

I really appreciate that Fr. Michael Flaherty will continue as our Weekend Associate for our parishes and help with extra Masses. We have worked out a schedule where I will have one Mass with you each weekend and with the generous help of Fr. Ron Williams, Fr. Ted Kosse and Fr. Hans Gruenbauer, we have all of the Masses covered on the weekends. I will be here for the Masses and the administration of your parishes during the week.

I am here to keep things going until your new pastor arrives. I am not here to change staff or programs. I look forward to praying with you and sharing in your ministry over the next ten weeks.

Pray for Fr. Mike as he begins his retirement years. Also please pray for your Parishes, your staff and me, and know that all of you are in my prayers as well.”

Fr. Pat Crone


St. Mary's would like to congratulate our neighbors over at the Bethel-Tate High School! The football team had such an incredible season! They won every game with a 10 - 0 season up to their last playoff game on 11/3/17 against West Jefferson. 

It has been such an exciting accomplishment for the school and our community!  


Due to the number of snow birds that will be gone in January and February who regularly attend Monday – Wednesday Communion Services but now won't be there to attend, there will be no Communion Services those days during those months. Fr. Howard will offer 9:00am Mass on Thursday and Friday.


St. Peter Parish Pastoral Council will meet with Fr. Adam Puntel on Thursday, Jan. 18th, at 7 PM. 


St. Peter Parish Pastoral Council will meet with Fr. Adam Puntel on Thursday, Jan. 18th, at 7 PM. 


St. Peter Worship Commission Meeting with Fr. Adam Puntel will take place Jan. 25th, 7 PM, in the Council Room. 


We hope all of you are enjoying our new IT Verdin Digital Carillon Bell System. As you have likely experienced, we are able to choose different ringing patterns and peals that include some great realistic bell sounds! We have also selected music to play that is appropriate for whatever liturgical season we are in. It has certainly made a real difference here at St. Mary and is no comparison to the single bell that has rusted in place up in the front of the church.

As you might recall, for most of last summer, the soil was too wet to mount the last two additional speakers. (By the way, those 2 speakers were generously donated by a very kind parishioner). The large lift to climb up on the chimney required dry soil so it would be secure when extended to extreme heights. Thanks to parishioner Konrad Sandker, the speakers are now mounted (no charge for use of his lift and manpower) and Kim Trout (the audio engineer) has wired them into the bell system, each speaker with an independent volume control.

Another generous parishioners wanted to make sure we had a beautiful plaque that recognizes those who made gifts or memorials to make the Digital Bell Carillon possible. We worked with Lee Ann Helton at the Trophy Cup here in Bethel who did the layout on the plaque and donated all of the engraving. You can see that plaque in the St. Mary's Gathering Space. It is beautiful!

The system even has a wireless remote control where we can choose which song or bell peal plays on each button! It is easy to change each button at the main bell control. This is extremely useful when a funeral toll is needed or when bells for a Mass that isn't at the regularly scheduled time should occur.


Things never seem to go as you expect but this project has certainly been worth the wait. It has been completed thanks to the nearly 60 donors in our parish who saw the vision and importance to St. Mary having a bell system. It is important to note that no money from the weekend collections were used to complete this installation. It has been a great addition for St. Mary's 75th Anniversary!




St. Mary's, Bethel

Saturday, March 24th —Passion Palm Sunday - 4:00pm Mass

Sunday, March 25th—Passion Palm Sunday - 10:30am Mass

Wednesday, March 28th—Adoration and Way of the Cross - 6:30pm

Holy Thursday – March 29th - Mass Of The Lord's Supper – 7pm at St. Peter's

Good Friday – March 30th – Ecumenical Service – Noon

March 30th – Marian Stations 7pm

March 30th – The Lord's Passion 7:30pm

Holy Saturday – March 31st – Easter Vigil 8:30pm

Easter Sunday – April 1st – 10:30am Mass

St. Peter's, New Richmond

Saturday, March 24th —Passion Palm Sunday - 5:00pm Mass

Sunday, March 25th—Passion Palm Sunday – 8:30am and 11:00am Mass

Wednesday, March 28th—Adoration and Way of the Cross - 6:30pm

Holy Thursday – March 29th - Mass Of The Lord's Supper – 7pm

Good Friday – March 30th – Marian Stations - 3pm

March 30th – The Lord's Passion - 3:30pm

Holy Saturday – March 31st – Easter Vigil 8:30pm at St. Mary's

Easter Sunday – April 1st – 8:30am and 11:00am Mass



If you are looking for yours, please remember to contact Debbie in the Parish Office to request a copy of your 2017 donations to the Parish. If you need the “total” right away, she can tell it to you and put a hard paper copy in the mail to you as well. They can not be emailed due to having to have the raised seal on them. Thanks you for all you have given in 2017 and God Bless you for your continued Stewardship of “Treasure” to your parish in 2018. 


The new St. Peter/St. Mary Adult Faith Formation (AFF) committee is forming now, and we'd love to have you join us! The Bible studies, Lenten small groups and Days of Reflection on we've had in 2017/18 have been very well received, and we want to set up a more official team now to plan and execute programs for 2018/19. 

No matter what your talents or interests are - good with ideas, organizing things, helping behind the scenes, advertising, facilitating a small group, helping with food, etc., - we'd love to have you join us! Contact Carol Adams (513-515-3143 or email Carol @ by May 1 if you'd like to be a part of bringing more adult faith renewal and learning opportunities to our parishes. 




Please keep in mind that the PPC is an “Advisory Board to the Pastor” and not one’s own agenda. Discernment is the art of appreciating the gifts we have been given and discovering how best to use them/share them. It is discovering where one’s talents meet the world’s deepest hungers. How can YOU help your parish thrive and grow with God at it’s center? 

Come to the Discernment Meeting THIS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 18TH to show your support and interest in helping St. Peter Parish. 


Parish Libraries!

Feed Your Soul!

Did you know that both St. Mary’s and St. Peter’s have a lending library of spiritual books, videos, pamphlets, and other great resources? These are available for you to take home and return when you are finished. And, NO library fees!!!

St. Peter’s – Library is in the church undercroft, second room on your right through the double doors. Hundreds of resources are available. Come visit before or after Mass or 9-1 weekdays (when the parish office is open).

St. Mary’s – The library cart is in the parish gathering space with books that might interest you before and after Masses, but there is a whole library of resources in the basement of the parish offices just waiting to feed you with Spiritual knowledge!



  • It’s New and Better than Ever!!!!

  • Designed With YOU in Mind!

  • Seeking adults from St. Mary and St. Peter!


Come to one of the three Bible Studies our parishes are offering and grow closer to God!

Men’s Bible Study - St. Peter on Saturdays at 7:00 a.m.

Women’s Bible Study - St. Peter’s on Fridays at 9:30 a.m. (after Mass)

Adult Bible Study (men + women) - St. Mary’s (Fr. Lewis Center) on Mondays in the evening at 7:00 p.m.

Yes, we are still going strong into the Bible Studies. You can join any time at any of the locations and times listed above.

Come deepen your faith and grow closer to God! 


Mission Sunday, June 9/10th

At the 4:00pm Mass on Saturday (St. Mary’s), the 8:30am Mass (St. Peter’s), and the 10:30am (St. Mary’s), we welcome Fr. Patrick. He is a Mission Speaker from the Archdiocese of Madras (India) and is part of the Mission Cooperative Appeal. Madras Archdiocese, established in 1952 has a population of 12 million, out of which 420 thousand are Catholics (under 5%). There are 163 Diocesan Priests, 268 religious Priests, 1530 Women religious and 124 lay Catechists who are actively involved in indirect evangelization through various Missionary works in this predominantly Hindu/Muslim dominated society.

With the Mission Cooperation Appeal monies, the Archdiocese will repair and build Mission chapels in the Thiruvalluar district/county, the most backward region of the Archdiocese for families and converts to meet and worship God and keep the Sabbath holy every weekend.

May God bless your generosity,

Most Rev. George Antonysamy, Archbishop of Madras (India)

A special collection will be taken up for this Mission Diocese this weekend. Please be as generous as possible. 


Welcome Fr. James Reutter!

A new Pastor has been appointed to our pastoral region of St. Peter's and St. Mary's. Fr. James Reutter comes to us from Our Lady of Victory on the West side of town, (Delhi area). He is completing a 12 year assignment there and will begin as our Pastor on July 1st. 

The folks over at Our Lady Of Victory will be giving Fr. Reutter a "send off" farewell reception after their 11:00 a.m. Mass on July 1st. This gives their parishioners the opportunity to wish him well and say "good-bye". 


St. Mary's and St. Peter's extends a big "THANK YOU" to Fr. Pat Crone, Fr. Adam Puntel and Fr. David Howard for their ministry and work at our parishes since Fr. Mike Leshney's retirement back in October. 

We look forward to Fr. Reutter being with us here and hope he will spend many happy years as our Pastor. 



The U.S. bishops urge our participation each Friday in a nationwide Novena for the Legal Protection of Human Life taking place August 3—September 28. Participants will receive weekly email or text reminders to pray and fast, along with little-known facts about Roe v. Wade to share with others. Sign up at



Click here to view Archbishop Schnurr's comments in his letter to the Archdiocese on August 16, 2018 in regard to the Pennsylvania Grand Jury report regarding clerical abuse.


November 1st is the Feast Of All Saints, a Holy Day of Obligation. The Mass times are as follows:

St. Peter's

9 AM

7 PM

St. Mary's


7 PM

There will also be special memorial Masses remembering the loved ones who have passed during the last year. This Memorial Mass will be celebrated at 7 P.M. on Friday, November 2nd. at St. Mary's (All Souls Day). The Memorial Mass for St. Peter's will take place on Wednesday, November 7th at 7 P.M.


There will be two Memorial Masses where all are invited to participate in remembering the dead. 

St. Mary's will take place on All Soul's Day, Friday, November 2nd at 7 P.M. 

St. Peter's will take place on Wednesday, November 7th at 7 P.M. 

A special candle lighting ceremony will take place before those Masses. 

Please remember to pray for our dead at all times, especially during the month of November.



St. Mary, Bethel OH

December 24th 4:00 PM


December 25th 10:00 AM

St. Peter's, New Richmond, OH

December 24th 4:00 PM

December 25th 10:00 AM