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Pray A Minute

Parishioners, Students, and Friends

You are invited to: Pray A Minute: One Million Hours of Prayer for Peace Justice and Goodwill. The world feels heavy these days. News headlines are filled with injustices and unrest. It seems as though everywhere we turn we find division and disharmony in our country. The world desperately needs Christians united in prayer.

A million hours of prayer may sound impossible, but if you divide that prayer time among all of the Catholics in the Archdiocese of Cincinnati, it is just one minute of prayer a day. Just one minute.

From now until January 1, the World Day of Prayer for Peace, you are invited to pray one minute more than you already do, every day, specifically for the intention of peace, justice and goodwill in our country.



This year, the parishes of the South Clermont Catholic Region will again have the privilege of being part of the formation of one of our seminarians as he makes final preparations to be ordained to the holy priesthood to serve the Archdiocese of Cincinnati.

After doing a great deal of preparation work in the academic setting of Mt. St. Mary’s Seminary in Mt. Washington where they train, such as studying the Scriptures and practicing the art of preaching and rhetoric, the faculty responsible for forming them to be good priests recognize that the best way for the men to learn to preach in the parishes is to go out into the parishes and do just that. So they assign them to parishes throughout the 19 counties of our archdiocese.

Last year we welcomed Fr. (then Deacon) Chris Komoroski, who is now stationed at the Newman Center parish at the University of Cincinnati. This year, we welcome Deacon Eddie Hoffmann. Deacon Eddie is a native of Clermont County hailing from St. Philomena parish in the Batavia area. Following the conversion of his brother Henry (also now a deacon in formation for the priesthood), he converted to the Catholic Faith while he was an Army ROTC cadet at Xavier University. He has committed to serve as an Army Chaplain for a time before returning to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati. He will preach five times at the Masses in the region through the fall season. A team of parishioners will assist him by giving him feedback for each of his preaching events.

You might remember from last year that seminarians become a deacon as one of the last major steps along the path to the holy priesthood. A priest remains always a deacon (conformed to Christ the Servant) even after his priestly ordination, just as a bishop remains always a priest even after his is consecrated. While a deacon, a seminarian shares in all the privileges and responsibilities of that office, including proclaiming the Gospel, assisting the priest at the liturgy, and celebrating the sacraments when needed by the pastor. Preaching at Mass is reserved to priests and deacons alone but is ordinarily done by the celebrant of the Mass or the cleric with the highest degree of orders (for example, a bishop would ordinarily preach if he is present at Mass). The liturgical guidelines allow a priest occasionally to delegate the task of preaching to a deacon when appropriate. The purpose of preaching is for the cleric to help connect the Scriptures with the faith lives of those gathered at Mass, whether instructing, encouraging, or admonishing.

I can tell you as a priest of 16 years that this is an especially important but challenging task, as parishioners come from diverse backgrounds and are often looking for quite different things from the homily. Please pray for Deacon Eddie, that this experience will help to make him a good preacher and, most importantly, a good and holy priest!



Hello! My name is Patrick Blenman, and I am your seminarian intern for this upcoming school year. I am from Holy Angels Catholic Church in Sidney, OH, a small town in west-central Ohio, where I have lived almost my entire life. I am (one of 4) the youngest child of Frank and Melissa, with my older brother Daniel and my older sister Rachel, as well as my twin brother Stephen.

I have just completed 6 years of seminary education: 4 years getting my undergraduate degree in Catholic Studies at Bishop Simon Brute College Seminary in  Indianapolis, and 2 years of Theology at Mt. St. Mary's Seminary and School of Theology here in Cincinnati. Some hobbies and activities I enjoy are camping, movies, hanging out with friends, and making popcorn.

I am so blessed to be able to be here at St. Mary and St. Peter for this upcoming year to get to serve you and to learn more about parish life. I can be bad at names, so please be patient with me as I start out, but I look forward to being able to get to know you and your families as I begin my year and throughout this upcoming year.


Don't be afraid to reach out to me at any point if you have any prayer requests; I would be glad to pray for you and hope that you will send a couple of prayers up for me as I begin this time with you. Once again, I look forward to getting to know all of you better in the coming weeks and to be able to serve you and Fr. Reutter this upcoming year.


(Patrick can be reached at either parish phone line, extension 3, or by email at[